Beats Music is a music streaming service I joined in April 2013. I was originally attracted to the opportunity by the founders’ vision for what a music service should be.

Our goal was a lofty one: Bring the heart and soul back to digital music. We would achieve this by combining human curation from some of music’s brightest minds with algorithmic recommendations that would understand the tastes of listeners from the most particular to the most eclectic. We used this technology to provide users the right music for every moment.

My role as the company’s first Design Director meant I was responsible for designing, building and leading a design team to ship a product simultaneously on five platforms.


At the beginning of my time at Beats, my responsibilities were an equal mix of hands-on design and direction of a small team. As the team grew to an eventual 14 amazing designers, my role shifted toward design direction, strategy and recruiting. My primary focus was the design of the product, though I also oversaw a small group of marketing designers.

In January 2014 we launched to quite a bit of fanfare. From day one, Beats Music was available on iOS, Android, Web, Windows Mobile and Sonos. The overall response was pretty amazing. Users seemed to love the service. The press had amazing things to say. Just a few months after launch, rumors started to surface that Apple had taken notice of what we were trying to achieve, and seemed to be aligned with our vision of what a music service should be.

In August, in the largest acquisition in the company's history, Beats Music and our sister company Beats by Dre were acquired by Apple.

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